The Mighty Thor Faces His Deadliest Foe Yet

He's faced off gods, giants and serpents so large they wrap around the entire planet, but even the mighty Thor might not powerful enough to survive next year's video game adaptation by Sega.

Through its long-term agreement with Marvel to produce video games based off of the comic book company's live-action films, Sega has already managed to make The Incredible Hulk mediocre, while soundly defeating The Invincible Iron Man not once, but twice. Now Sega's Galactus level hunger for destruction turns its gaze on Thor.

Take up the mystical hammer Mjölnir (mole-near) and fight the good fight in Thor: The Video Game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, and PSP. Guide the Odinson through a third-person adventure that will see him battling gargantuan foes the likes of Ulik, Ymir, and Surtur. Wield the elemental powers of wind, lightning and thunder, gaining Valor points you can spend on abilities, powers and weapon upgrades.

Weapon upgrades? You upgrade Mjölnir? That seems...wrong, somehow. Almost as wrong as telling us we'll fight Ymir the frost giant and then telling us we'll be battling foes four times larger than Thor. Ymir better be a lot larger than four times human size.

The console version of the game will feature an epic story by Eisner Award-winning author Matt Fraction, known for making characters sit around and talk for long periods of time, like they did in the last Iron Man game, also written by Fraction.

The PS3 and 360 versions will share a similar visual style, with the PSP and Wii going for a more comic book style look. The DS version will be a side-scrolling platformer, which actually sounds exciting in comparison.

"We are proud to be bringing Marvel's Thor to his first solo video game adventure," commented Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA America. "Thor: The Video Game will finally bring the immense power of this iconic hero to lifelong fans, and introduce the God of Thunder to a whole new audience as a true Marvel Super Hero."

Between getting the Sega treatment and the hideous movie costumes, Thor might have finally met his match.


    Any 'multi-console movie adapted game' is an instant pass for me. However out of interest; who can give an example of really good one?

      X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

      Had some issues no doubt, but was easily one of the best movie-adapted games I've ever played.

      ...Well, at least the 360/PS3 version was.

        Wolverine though was in development for awhile and wasn't based on the movie, if i remember correctly.

          It was based upon the movie (loosely), but also told some additional back-story not in the film.

    I have to agree with vapor it was actually quite good and it was based on the movie just a few things happened differently and there were some extra bits aswell.

    It'll suck. These games almost ALWAYS suck. They're ALWAYS generic 3rd-person beat-'em ups rushed out to capitalize on the movie hype and they're done with the minimal possible effort. Even Spider-Man 2 was really only so good because it was SPIDER-MAN and they nailed the webslinging and open world exploration perfectly- how can a license like Thor be adapted so quickly into anything but a linear, corridor-based "run along clumsily beating up everything that gets in your way" piece of crap?

    THOR by SEGA?

    Zeus help him.

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