The Mighty Thor, The Meager Loki & Odin

Lessons learned. That's what we're going to talk about in this post powered by the gods of Asgard. If we're setting expectations in this openly conversational post, it's that expectations can be way, way off.

So let's not worry too much about how corny Sir Anthony Hopkins looks as Odin in Marvel's Thor film, with his golden eye patch, his goofy smile and his wispy mane. The same for the unimpressive appearance of Loki or that they appear to be walking to the X-Mansion's Danger Room for some reason. I've misjudged too many games, films and books early to make such sweeping judgments. Sure, I felt fine about it when I dismissed Nier, but Demon's Souls? Playing that for five minutes at the Tokyo Game Show in 2008 was not the best way to form an opinion.

Anyway, let's all just admit to being wrong. It feels good. Here are some other things we feel good about.


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