The Mouse Pad You Can Grill A Burger On

This may be the first post on a mouse pad I've ever done. Then again, it's also the first mouse pad I've seen you can cook a burger on.

Rude Gameware's "Fierce Teflon" pad is designed for the serious PC gamer, with the pad packing a steel base and a Teflon surface. While this means it's heavy and smooth to roll your mouse over, it also means - as you can see in the pic above - you can put it on a grill and cook stuff on it.

Not the most practical of applications for a mouse pad, sure, but when you're paying $US30 for one it's nice to have a secondary use for it.

Rude Gameware promotes grilling on its PC gaming mouse pad [Big Download]


    You could probably cook a burger on the original Steelpads, although you might want to get out the cooking spray before you start.

    That picture tells lies. There are grill lines cooked into the top of the burger. Last time I checked you don't get lines from a flat surface.

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