The Multiple Killers Of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, out this November, brings multiplayer to Ubisoft's flagship franchise for the first time. It also brings men in funny masks, and women a little short on practical clothing.

I appreciate the fact most of this trailer is, if not in-game, then at least in-engine, but all I'm seeing here is a bunch of moves that make it look like somebody is playing Assassin's Creed in singleplayer, only with new player skins.

It'd be nicer to see how multiplayer actually works, instead of simply what the characters look like.

UPDATE: Having video problems, so here's a YouTube version.


    Oh man, if this is a fraction of how intense the iPhone version is, I'm gonna have panic attacks every time I play...

    They've already done a huge walkthrough video on how the multiplayer works at E3. This is just a trailer to show off the new animations and characters. If you want to see a trailer for how it actually WORKS, go check out the E3 multiplayer video.

    Really hope the Harlequin is available as a DLC skin, it'll suck if it's preorder at EB/GAME/JB only kind of thing. I'd grab it in a heartbeat.

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