The Naughtiest Red Dead Redemption Glitch Of Them All

Apparently the quality control on Red Dead Redemption was so bad that lesser-quality games have begun bleeding into it.

It might only be a teaser for machinima group Project Rooster's new series Naughty Bear Adventures, but it's definitely got a creepy vibe going on. If done right, it could be the best thing to come out of Artificial Mind and Movement's homicidal stuffed animal game, and I'm including the game itself in that statement.


    lol if that were actually in the game, it'd be brilliant! :P

    LMAO that entire moment was better than the whole NaughtyBear game itself.

    Is it possible Naughty Bear could become the new best meme for videogames? Imagine him popping up in Mass Effect as say a new surprise team member!

    That was so well done hahaha!

    I hope it becomes a new meme.

    Dammit, I still think RDR needs a UFO in it someplace.

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