The Nintendo Game You Control With YOUR FACE

Controlling a video game with your hands? Check. Controlling one by swinging your arms around? Check, Nintendo's done that. Controlling one with your feet? Ditto. Controlling a game with your face?

Nintendo has done, too.

The title of DSiWare game "Kao Glider" (Face Glider) says it all: you control a hang glider with your mug.

Players can move their heads up and down as well as right and left. The DSi's camera tracks the player's moments, which then correspond to the on-screen actions. Moving one's face back, causing the glider to ascent. Moving it forward causes it to descent.

What body part's left, Nintendo?

Face Glider will be released in Japan on July 28 for 500 DSiWare Points.


    This game was released on the European DSi Shop about two months ago.

    I can already picture it - Donkey Slapper for Kinect

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