The Science Behind Starcraft II

Starcraft II may be a work of fiction, but that doesn't mean everything in Starcraft II is fantasy, with scientists sounding off on the plausibility of many of the game's key biological and technological cornerstones.

Speaking with GamePro, scientists from UCLA, University of Illinois, George Mason University, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the State University of New York have given plausibility reports on everything from the Zerg's Overmind to teleportation.

Their findings are a little hit and miss. Teleportation, surprisingly, gets a "highly unlikely", Zerg space travel gets a predictable ""highly unlikely", while the Zerg's Overmind, hybridisation and assimilation are all far more positively received (though many of those traits are based on existing biological traits).

The Real Science of StarCraft 2 [GamePro]


    Good to see the scientific community making good use of their grant money and interns and ahahahahaha useless dickheads.

      You get paid to answer hypothetically questions? Man I got to get me a job in the field.

      I was going to make the same comment but you beat me to it. I suspect these "scientists" are just desperate PR whores trying to get some media penetration.

      Either that or they are just die hard Starcraft fanboys.

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