The Sega Revival You Probably Weren't Expecting

If you thought Darius Burst's transition from PSP game to old-school super widescreen arcade cabinet was an odd choice, Sega's arcade return to old school might blow your mind. That is if you've ever heard of Pengo before.

Of all the arcade properties to revisit, Pengo is perhaps the least expected. The arcade game, released by Sega in 1982 and later ported to gobs of other platforms, is getting an 8 player competitive update for a Japanese arcade release. Play as an ice block-pushing penguin, crush enemies and outscore your opponents to win.

Graphically, it looks identical to the Z80-based arcade original that ran at a blistering 3 MHz. It's running on Sega's new Ringwide system and will likely see limited release outside of Japan.

Pengo Returns to Arcades with 8 Player Combat [Andriasang]


    Oh wow!

    The pengo high score is still held by an Australian I believe.

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