The Sims 3 Late Night Adds Club-Hopping Vampires

The Sims 3 expands this spring with The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion pack, plunging your Sim into the active downtown nightlife or letting them explore their darkest fantasies as a Sim vampire.

That's right, Sim vampires. According to EA Play's Rod Humble, speaking at the EA Studio Showcase today, the supernatural mods for The Sims franchise have always attracted a lot of attention from fans, so the next expansion features an entire vampire culture system, with all the rusted bells and low, eerie whistles.

But what if you abhor the undead, like a normal person? There's still plenty for your Sim to do late at night.

"The community has been very vocal about unleashing their Sims in more interesting and unpredictable social situations," said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio at EA. "The Sims 3 Late Night is full of ways to approach a rich, new life beyond a Sims' normal day, such as schmoozing with celebrities on the rooftop of a skyscraper, wooing the crowd with your Sim's band, or being the best bartender in town at the hottest new lounge."

Finally, a chance for me to get denied entry to the hottest clubs without having to leave the comfort of my home! If you need me, I'll be hanging out at the Sim dive bar. The people are nicer there anyway.

The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion is due out for the PC this spring.


    They'd better not ~*sparkle*~ is all I'm going to say.

    That'd be cool if being a vampire in Sims ment actually having to live by vampire rules, if your sim goes out in the sun, they turn to ash, your sim cant enter buildings without being invited, cant cross running water and cant go near crucifixs :P

      I doubt they'd do the crucifixes for obvious reasons, but the rest do seem particularly awesome.

      Anyway, so this is the Sims 3 Nightlife expansion, with a little of Superstar? Could be nice, but where's my magical pets expansion? :P

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