The Super Smash Bros Secret That Took 7 Years To Unlock

Seven years and seven million copies later, a previously unplayable Super Smash Bros melee character was made playable, a glitch that sounds like schoolyard myth but has since been proven to be fact.

For the hardcore Super Smash Bros player that may not already know that the game's boss, Master Hand, is a playable character, well, it is. GameTrailers' newest episode of the myth-busting show Pop-Fiction explains, in video, the particulars of unlocking the disembodied gloved one, a surprising glitch that readers of the unofficial Smash Wiki probably are already aware of.

The so-called "Name Entry Glitch" was discovered way back in 2008, so "Old!" us if you want to while everyone else figures out how to play as Master Hand for the first time.


    I remember this rumor, it's been around since the original on the N64, but the purported requirements were always so bizarre and sounded so unlikely I never tried it.

    oh wow.. that is epic :D

    That's so awesome, I love the announcer at the end. :D

    Holy balls.

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