The Way You Played Batman: Arkham Asylum Made One Man Very Sad

Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham Asylum was surprisingly excellent, but not without its "mistakes", including one that made the game's art director "want to cry a little bit". It's a mistake that will be corrected in the sequel.

Rocksteady's David Hego, responsible for the game's exaggerated aesthetic, said at this week's Develop conference that Arkham Asylum's x-ray-like "Detective Mode" visuals were just too "powerful". That some players sped through the game using Detective Vision throughout is what reportedly rubbed Hego the wrong way, according to GameSpot's account of the Develop talk.

"We're going to try not to do that mistake again," Hego said, Rocksteady will design the next game's Detective Vision "more like augmented reality next time" so that players can enjoy the sequel's art design.

While we don't know much about what Rocksteady's next Batman game will be - What will it be called? Will Robin really be in it? - we're definitely looking forward to it. Perhaps we'll hear more at Comic-Con next week...

Arkham Asylum art director talks mistakes [GameSpot]


    I'd care who's in it or what its called but I'll be buying a copy.

    I agree though, way too much time was spent running around in Detective mode, even for the brilliant game it was, though I did do a second playthrough bypassing most of the puzzles, etc and played normally.

    I'm glad they're addressing this. Some sections would have been really challenging but detective mode made them a piece of cake.

    Agree with Blackwater. Definite purchase.

    Am I the only one that only used the "Dectective Mode" when necessary?

      Detective Mode really annoyed me actually, I rarely used it.

    Yeh, i only used detective mode when i absolutely had to - i didn't like having it on - i loved just engrossing myself in the lovely visuals and textures.. the game was just so close to perfection for me - it's exactly what a superhero game should be... or in batman's case, a hero game, as he's not really "super" is he? He just has a lot of tools for pretty much any situation - conveniently he always has the right tool for the right situation, and even in the game if he didn't have it on hand, he had it somewhere near by :P

    But yeh, the less intrusive detective mode is, the better it is i guess :)

      What do you mean, not super? As an old man he kicked Superman's ass in The Dark Knight Returns. That's impressive. And to top it off in an awesome way, it happened in Crime Alley...

    It wasn't that detective mode was too "powerful", it was just too "useful"! I mean c'mon, you're Batman, you're meant to have wonderful toys!

    I actually didn't spend too much time in detective mode. I always found it hard to tell where all the walls and corners were. Found myself accidently popping out from cover every now and then.

    What? for Batman 2, it seems like Detective Mode will always be on then, if we get the best of both worlds...

    They should have had more insentive to turn it off: Like make you have to hold the button to keep it on or enhance some visuals, while sacrificing others: Like in the Dark Knight where he can see through walls, but it was a bit of a visual muddle for fighting with.

    Detective mode was really useful, I found that I had to sort of pinch myself at times so that I would turn it off and enjoy the awesome surrounds.

    i think they should just have it on a timer. 10 seconds in detective modem to grab an idea of surrounding, then its on cooldown for 2 minutes

    I actually liked the look in detective mode more than without, gave it a bit of a cyberpunk look.

    I wish we didn't need Detective Mode so much, I turned if off as much as possible, trying to give a burst find dudes and remember where they where.

    It was great but bad at the same time, essentially turning the graphics to wireframe.

    But I loved the game and look forward to a sequel.

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