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Picking this week's game of the week was straightforward. I know how much you're all been waiting the new Club Penguin.

And by Club Penguin I mean Crackdown 2.

Crackdown had a curious gestation. A bold, open world shooter, it was unheralded for much of its development until Microsoft cleverly decided to bundle it with access to the hugely-anticipated Halo 3 multiplayer beta.

As a result, Crackdown sold well. Given Halo's popularity, that was hardly surprising. People bought Crackdown so they could play Halo.

But what was surprising was just how good Crackdown turned out to be. By eschewing open world genre staples such as story missions and a linear progression, Crackdown rewarded players with almost a pure sandbox. It was a playground where the swings were replaced with bullets, cars and collectibles. It was an entire city reimagined as a jumping castle.

Crackdown 2 follows in much the same fashion, albeit handing you more toys with which to cause havoc and the opportunity to do so in the new four-player co-op mode.

There's no Halo this time around, but Crackdown is good enough to stand on its own.

New releases for the w/c July 5:

Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge (DS) What Is It? Another handheld spin-off of the Disney MMO aimed at kids. Should You Care? I wouldn't think so.

Crackdown 2 (360) What Is It? Sandbox action set in a now undead-infested open world where you can go anywhere at any time and take on any mission. Should You Care? Convince three friends to pick it up and enjoy the co-op.

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 (DS) What Is It? Follow-up to Bioware's hit RPG from last year... Wait, what? Oh... Should You Care? Apparently it's a fighting game where you stab enemies with your spiky hair.

Coming later in July there's a little thing called StarCraft II. I'm pretty sure there are no other games coming out this month.


    It's good the game blitz is on hold for a bit, I've got a backlog up to my armpits to get through.

    Such a boring month, luckily Transformers & Red Dead are keeping me occupied. Although I may need to pull out Fallout 3 again and give it a whirl before New Vegas drops later in the year.

    Worthy of a mention - Blacklight Tango Down on PSN/XBLA "should" drop this month.

    Seems to be a bit of confusion over the specific date with Zombie sticking to the "summer" and Major Nelson posting 7th July.
    Either way it'll be soon.


    Hell eyah, picking up my copy ASAP.

    Kills for skills agent, kills for skills.

    Finally, a quiet month. *catches breath*

    Just starting to get on top of my unplayed games, and crackdown comes along. Now i'm going to spend the next month hunting orbs! lol

    Those Club Penguin games sell incredibly well though. Wouldn't be surprised to see it outsell Crackdown 2 actually.

    I can't believe that Monkey Island 2 Special Edition was overlooked, what a shame.

    I played the Crackdown 2 demo, I'll pick it up eventually. I dunno, it just felt like playing the first game, complete with lack of characterisation. Like, the whole gimmick of the game is supposed to be the monsters, right? I went through two night cycles of the game without even realising there were zombies, despite the voice over guy constantly going on about how dangerous they were. Then when I went down to fight them, they were just generic fantasy zombie looking guys who did melee attacks. Considering how much is put into trying to make you scared of them, I was totally unimpressed...

    man i'll crawl into my hole again... crackdown is another of those games i haven't played yet... hmm

      I'm not quite as that bad, but still bad... my playtime would be about 1-2 hours only with it...

      I'll get Crackdown 2 eventually, when it's on the real cheap... too many games to try and get through at the moment...

    LOL! You had me thinking there Dave with Dragon Ball, i was like, 'What! They did? Oh.. darn it!'

    I'm 50/50 on Crackdown, whilst I enjoyed the first, it was a great game. I just dunno if the second is worth a new buy. Does it offer anything better and more fresh, minus a most likely pointless story like the first.

    Yeah gimme guns and explosives and a dude that jumps real high, it's insanely fun. But take the story out of it! I can't be bothered downloading the large demo either. I'll just suss out some gameplay footage and hopefully one of my mates buys it for me to get some real feedback.

      It's basically the original with more stuff. Though I don't get how you can ask for it to have less story, to say the first even had a story is a massive stretch...

    I've already ordered monkey island 2 on steam, was great cause I went to buy the first and went WHAT! free when you preorder the 2nd for $10 bucks SOLD!

    Everyone get to it before the release as it's a bargain.

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