The Week In Games

It's the calm before the storm. Or should that be the calm before the Blizzard? With StarCraft II out early next week, let's see who's brave enough to launch a new game on the eve of what could well be the biggest release of the year.

The answer is... not many!

I have not played any of the three four games out this week, so I'll refrain from any kind of endorsement. But a little bit of research would suggest none are especially worthy of your time or your money.

Anyone brave enough to check them out?

New releases for the w/c July 19:

Disciples III: Renaissance (PC) What Is It? Fantasy strategy game in the vein of Heroes of Might & Magic and King's Bounty. Should You Care? Apparently it is not as good as either Heroes of Might & Magic or King's Bounty.

Oops! (Wii) What Is It? Mini-game collection that sounds kind of like It's A Knockout meets WarioWare. Should You Care? "If a player loses a round, their avatar will be forced to don a silly costume or have their faces painted or buckets of ink (or worse!) dropped on them!" How ker-razy!

Sniper: Ghost Warrior (360, PC) What Is It? First-person shooter that sticks you in a jungle and arms you with a sniper rifle. Should You Care? Apparently it forgoes inventive sniping scenarios and falls back on copying Modern Warfare with a fraction of the budget.

Sports Island (DS) What Is It? Wii Sports, basically, except on the DS. Should You Care? I can't imagine golf and table tennis being anywhere near as much fun on a handheld. Or, uh... arm wrestling.


    Ummmm. Limbo? Out Wednesday.

      As always, this post simply covers retail releases, not downloads.


          XBLA, PSN and WiiWare releases all have their own posts throughout the week.

    Even though Crackdown 2 will be purchased down the track... It's been at least 3 weeks since I purchased something!

    Starting to get withdrawals! :p

    Isn't Limbo out on XBLA this week?

      My bad Dave. I was sure I'd seen XBLA titles in the past but it may very well have been a different segment.

    XBOX Live Arcade - Limbo worthy of a mention as it kicks off the "Summer/Winter of Arcade"

    This week in games... the Stracraft II beta is leaving us =(

    It's gonna be a long week until the 27th!

    I'm considering getting Disciples 3, partly because it's a pc strategy and I enjoyed disciples 2, also because it's been too longsince I fed my PC a game, although SC2 is approaching like a freight train...

    Are we meant to be getting a standard release of Demon's Souls? The UK are getting one in early August.

      Not that I'm aware of. The Black Phantom Edition released in late June is the only version Namco Bandai has announced for Australia.

        Damn, looks like I will have to order it from 365 Gamer at some point.

        Thanks David :)

          the black phantom edition is awesome and priced less than $100.
          Bought mine from EB Games a few months ago for $77.

    So, who's thinking of picking up Monday Night Combat?

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