The Week In Games

The Week In Games

StarCraft. StarCraft. StarCraft. StarCraft, StarCraft, StarCraft!


New retail releases for the w/c July 26:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (PC) What Is It? StarCraft. StarCraft. StarCraft… Oh, sorry! Blizzard’s twelve-year-old real-time strategy game finally gets a sequel. Wings of Liberty doesn’t reinvent the formula, this is StarCraft with 2010 (or maybe 2008) graphics. Out-of-the-box you get the full Terran campaign, a mini Protoss campaign and the ability to play multiplayer as all three races. Should You Care? Don’t forget StarCraft II will now not be region-locked in Australia.

Coming up next month, look out for Dark Star One, Mafia II, another Madden, Kane & Lynch 2, Black Mirror 2, Dragon Quest IX, the Penumbra Collection, Elemental: War of Magic and some Armin van Buren music game.


  • What’s a StarCraft?
    Is that like a god-game, but for the universe or something? I really like Sins of a Solar Empire, is it like that?

  • Just waiting for that magical call to go and pick up my CE. Playing the BEAT certainly helped pass the time but I can’t wait to see what Blizzard put Jim through this time.

      • thats a worry, iirc, it was starcraft being released early to the critics, and promptly getting savaged by them, that prompted them to go completely back to the drawing board. if it wasn’t for that we would have ended up with literally warcraft II in space.

        it is also a worry that the graphics are already out of date… if they look average now… what are they gonna look like in 10 years time when we are still waiting for starcraft III!??! more to the point: what are they gonna look like when we are still waiting for Starcraft II to be complete! (i.e. the other campaigns to come out!?)

        Disclaimer: I am the biggest starcraft fan evar.

        • Yeh, sometimes early reviews is the difference between a stunning success or big flop for high profile games. Lets hope Blizzard keeps their good track record for this one.

      • I heard some gronks at Big W Sold some copies early in the center im at, about 7 I think. They still cant play, just get a screen that says “come back on the 27th”. I wonder what penalties Big W and the employees at fault would apply? A delay or higher price point on the next Blizzard game? Pretty big stuff up, not for Big W though…

  • david, may we please have a matchmaking post later in the week for starcraft? i would enjoy the oppurtunity to match wits with other readers.

    now let hear it, state your race peoples:

    i love Zerg, i cant play zerg very well in SC2 for the moment so expect me to run a terran army.

    also people who have not seen starcraft 2 gameplay i present you the best match of the SC2 king of the beta tournament:

    after watching that match i finally understood why starcraft makes a good spectator sport.

    • I’ve played Terran since StarCraft 1, so that is the race I’m maining again this time around. However, in SC1, I was also very fond of Zerg, but in SC2 I’m really liking the new mechanics that Protoss have, so I’m going to considering branching out into that territory.

      Hehe, in terms of being a spectator sport…I just love Husky and HD’s enthusiasm when it comes to commentating (I realise they are not the most in-depth and they make mistakes horribly often, but they do it with so much gusto xD..)

  • I pretty pissed i order the StaCraft 2 CE 2 months ago at EB because I work there right and the bastards jip my copy because where one down what was the point of ordering it damn you EB lol 🙁

    • Not many publishers would have the balls to release a game in the same week as Starcraft 2, the biggest game release of all time.

      This game will reignite the popularity of the RTS genre and possibly PC gaming in general. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I can’t see this getting anywhere near the numbers that MW2 did in it’s first weeks.

        Sure it’s PC only, but it would be hard to suggest this is the biggest release of all time.

  • The EB online store (#*$’d my order and have sent it to my old office in Brisbane, rather than here in Hobart. Thus meaning that I can’t play SC2 now until thurs/fri at the very earliest. Luckily the office in Brissy is still there and I can arrange to get it sent down via internal mail, otherwise I’d probably never see the game

    Seriously – What’s the point of having an online store and allowing customers to update their details if you don’t actually check/use said details?

      • don’t you guys have NBN now? couldn’t he just get EB to email him the cd key, then you could like, transfer the CD image to him in like 10sec? like over MSN or something?

      • If only. The way battle net work is that all your data has to be sent to the servers and back again, regardless of where the two players are.

        • I highly doubt that. where did you here that?
          the way this stuff works for everyone else (like windows live ect) and what they eluded to when responding to the criticism that removal of lan play would cause massive lag for people sitting next to each other because of this, is: it will always try to create a P2P connection. for the most obvious reason of saving their bandwidth. very rarely a P2P connection cannot be created, and maybe then they will rout data through their servers. some data will always be going to the servers, but I doubt it would be stuff that would cause lag, if so, that is incredibly lame.

          P.S. you are still incredibly LAME for removing REAL lan play blizzard!

  • GAME are selling Starcraft 2 on launch day for $79.99! Just got phoned up a moment ago by them (I pre-ordered my copy a while back)

  • Brewer74 you’re the gronk as Big W point of sale system will not sell embargo stock. When the item gets scanned (before release date) it shows up on screen “item not for sale”

    • grr chrome is giving me bugs, it says my post didn’t post, then when I posted my other post posted. :\

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