The Who, What And How Of Battlestar Galactica Online

We've seen the game's trailer, and now we have the first screens of Battlestar Galactica Online, along with a pretty good idea of who you'll be fighting as, the ships you'll be fighting in and what you'll be fighting for.

The E3 trailer for Bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica Online wasn't too shabby, but then it wasn't indicative of gameplay. These first screenshots of the Artplant developed browser-based MMO show of graphics unlike anything I've seen in a web-based 3D game. The planets might look a bit muddy, but the ships are definitely space-worthy.

Along with the screens, Bigpoint delivered some new gameplay details today, giving prospective player an idea of what they'll be doing in-game.

Players start off by choosing a side, opting to be either a newbie "nugget" pilot on the human side, or a newly generated Cylon pilot mind. Players will fully customise their avatar, which will be used for out-of-ship gameplay experiences.

Once the character is created, players will take on story missions, which are faction-specific quests, and assignments, which are daily duties, such as harvesting resources or performing patrols. Characters earn experience as they complete missions and assignments, earning rank to learn skills. Twenty rank levels will be available at the game's launch.

As for ships, each faction has three tiers, divided by size - small, medium and large, and roles - offence, command and defence. Each ship has specific slots for ship system devices, with the number of weapon, hull, engine and computer slots determined by the ship.

Players begin with small ships, but by gathering resources and earning experience they can move on to bigger and better vessels.

Players will eventually own a number of ships, each customisable to support a wide variety of playing styles.

Battlestar Galactica Online will launch exclusively on this spring. For more info, visit the game's official web page.


    Hmm kinda sounds like Star Trek online.

    Is this games based on the recent series, or the original?

    From what I’ve read, this game will be 100% ship combat. But I’d like to see humans fighting cylons. Seeing as it is such a big part of the series, I’m surprised it’s not in this game.

      It looks like part of the newer series, the ships look like the new series ones...

    Kinda late to the party Syfy. VERY late.

    How about a Caprica game based on New Cap City where people do what they like and build social virtual environ...

    Oh yeah. SECOND LIFE.

    Work on the VR goggles?

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