The Whole World Looks Silly Playing Kinect

There's nothing in the world quite like lifestyle photography, the practice of making models look like they're having fun with a product when they are in fact not having fun.

These new shots for Microsoft's Kinect, though, are especially great, because not only do they feature people trying to look silly flailing around their living room, but they feature what must be the most amazing group share house in world history.

Look at them! They're like one giant rainbow family. There's the Hispanic family, the Blonde/Hispanic family (i.e. the white people), the Japanese family (who we've seen before!), the Asian family (not Japanese!) and the "AA" family (i.e. African American"), all using the same Kinect in the same apartment! Note we didn't label them that way; that's how the families and their photos are tagged on Microsoft's press site.

Wonderful how it can bring all the peoples of the world (or at least Microsoft's target demographics) together, all under one roof, only...where does everyone sleep?


    Heavy Rain mall kid was obviously playing Kinect.

    deja vu. just replace all the wii articles with the name kinect and we can go around again

    so you will look weird...

    Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing '[Kinect/Move] breaks sales records all over the world' articles we saw the the Wii. =P

      I agree, unless Sony and Microsoft can bundle them into new console without charging extra

    See that jumping grey shirt dude about half way down?

    The people living below him must be loving that.

    That very first image just made think that he's going to land wrong and hurt his ankle, and then somehow come to the conclusion that he needs $100 million for compensation for having a broken ankle and missing a couple months of work.

    What I notice is a lot of people sitting around wathcing 2 people play. Watching people play a video game is not very fun. If those photos where real life everyone would of wondered of when it wasn't their turn to make themselves a snack or go on the computer or something.

      Yes exactly right - most likely due to the fact that kinect can only have two players at once.

    Luke Plunkett,
    You didn't mention that 'looking silly' in front of a TV is a MAJOR draw to the majority of people that buy video games (not the core gamers reading this right now).

    Depicting people looking silly creates wonder, interest and most important of all: word of mouth. Same thing happened with the Wii, people bought the console because of how fun it is to watch family and friend make a fool out of themselves. It's FUN. It doesn't have to be immersive to reap in huge sales revenue as most people that buy video games are casuals..

    I can just imagine people looking at those images and passing off the product as 'stupid'. Such ignorance..

      I totally agree, this article is very narrow minded. Kinect at the moment is all about family fun and these pictures show what.... families having fun?

      I also dont know where this whole you need a "big room" thing comes from. Half those pictures are taken in a small space with a couch 7 or 8 foot from the TV.

    Well, at least they connected the Xbox to the TV and took the shrinkwrap off the Kinect *cough*Activision*cough*.

      Wait, I dont think anything is actually connected, not even the Kinect. Ah, the ironing...

    Problem with these blasted motion things is that you need room to move, like 2metres from coach to TV. Who has that much room anywhere besides a living room on average?

    Fun for the whole family, of two people.

    Guess this confirms that it can only map two of those human being things. While I think that some of the features promised are great I'm starting to think I won't be buying one.

    NSFW it has naughty words.

    I'm worried about the potential of setting kinect up in my smallish game den when the promotional material to date shows people playing in living rooms the size of a house.

    It's amazing how they managed to take all those photos while the TV was displaying the exact same frame of gameplay for each game!

    They must have superhuman talents.

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