The Worst Experience Of Shaun White's Life? A Video Game

Shaun White and his ginger locks may be world famous millionaires, but life isn't all smooth sailing for the snow/skateboarder. He was once in a video game. And it was the worst experience of his life.

"That was terrible. It was the worst experience of my life, cause I was so excited, I'm like 13, they're like you're going to be in a video game," White says of his appearance in Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder (released in 2001). "You start freaking out, you're getting excited. Then the game came out and I'm like 'I don't look anything like that!' It was ridiculous, it didn't really depict anything like my snowboarding or anything, it was just basically me in a game as a character and you realise that it's because I didn't have any input. No one asked me what I thought of it, nobody wanted to know that, they just took my name and put it on the character."

Sound familiar? Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder was published by Activision, who have fielded similar complaints from musicians over their Guitar Hero appearances.

Shaun White: Appearing in game was "the worst experience of my life" [OXM]


    If being disappointed by the quality of the videogame you've been paid to endorse is the worst experience of your life then you're probably doing OK all things considered.

    Clearly they didn't pay him enough to be able to buy a shirt.

      Yeah, he's obviously got it pretty rough, having to surf or whatever he does for a living.

    He looks like a complete tool in that photo so who cares. Would've been nice to include that hottie in the pic too.

      I have this weird desire to see you comment something saying you looked up the photo, and the half of her that's cut out is a gross mutant/Jabba combo.

    i see boob. oh that chicks alright too.

    Not knowing much about Shaun White I might venture a guess that his life has been a comparatively easy ride next to most peoples if being payed a whole bunch of money for doing nothing and having his image on something is the 'the worst experience' of his life.

    I think spending 5 minutes in the same room as this twit would be the worst 5 minutes of my life.

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