There Will Be A Second Season Of The Tester

Sigh. Despite common reactions ranging from hatred to raging apathy, Sony Computer Entertainment America must feel it got enough of something out of the first season of reality program "The Tester", because it's now looking for contestants for a second run.

A contest pitting gamers against other gamers for the right to earn one of the worst jobs in the entertainment industry - a bottom-rung quality assurance tester role - The Tester requires only that you are over the age of 21, live in the United States and are "legally eligible to work in the US".

The show is promising it "will not only challenge contestants' video game knowledge, but it will also challenge the gamers' memory, stamina, dexterity, and overall mental prowess". Strange they didn't also list "ability to withstand hours of endless, repetitive bug-testing".

But hey, don't let me get you down! If you're up for the double-shot of internet infamy and a menial job at Sony, you can find your dream role at the link below.

Calling all video game fanatics!!!! Are you at the TOP of your GAME? (Midtown) [craigslist, via I4U]


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