There Will Be No $US450 Rockstar Book Collection

I hope the ultra-wealthy portion of the Kotaku readership didn't get their hopes up for one of those $US450 tomes collecting the history and art of Grand Theft Auto devs Rockstar. Because they're not actually going to be made.

At the time of our original story, a representative from publishers Steidl told us exact information on a release date and price would be coming soon. Instead it seems the entire project has since been scrapped, with the book's editor Eva Prinz taking the project to another publisher.

One that hopefully realises that $US450 is a bit much.

Rockstar Book Canceled, New Project in the Works [Wired]


    But it was cheaper on *sobs*

    Hmm I want this collection anyone for library purposes. That's what university budgets are for!!

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