There's A Battlefield 3 Beta Invite In Your Medal Of Honor Limited Edition

EA sweetens the deal for players picking up the limited edition of the modern-day Medal of Honor reboot on October 12, with a beta invite for DICE's highly anticipated Battlefield 3 in every package.

We've heard nary a peep regarding Battlefield 3 since EA COO John Pleasants mentioned it back in June of 2009. All we've known since then is that the game is in development.

Now we know a sure-fire way to get into the beta.

Along with some extra weapons and a remastered version of Medal of Honor: Frontline (exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version), picking up the $US59.99 limited edition of Medal of Honor ensures players a spot in the Battlefield 3 beta test, which should happen within twelve months of Medal of Honor's release, according to the EA beta website.

Medal of Honor goes on sale on October 12 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. I get the feeling sales numbers will be much higher now that this news has hit.



    I wasn't planning to get MoH but now, I'm extremely considering it... Nooooooo!

    What makes me want to buy MoH: battlefield 3 beta, dice's MoH multiplayer & remastered MoH frontline ( but only for ps3 :( )

    Highly anticipated? I didn't even know the game was coming. I mean, I knew it was inevitable, but not soon.

    Unfortunately, not even this makes MoH look necessary. It just seems... there. Just nothing special about it.

    What about Steam? I got the limited Edition from there, Will I get a code for the BF3 Beta?

    Nice gesture, but useless to those of us without a gaming PC.

    Then when BF3 is about to be released they'll announce it contains a beta code for the MoH2 beta. At some point their games will have to stand on their own merits, instead of doing this 'buy BF:BC2 and preorder MoH to access beta', 'buy MoH to access BF3 beta' crap. Their games suck and have for a while; someday people will stop hoping the next beta will be worth it.

    How many fps games are we supposed to buy and get into? I really want a nice modern game with a strong player base that gets updated often enough.. simple things like NEW maps etc, not just a new game that we have to 'buy' in order to play online. I realise that it's all about making money but I dont want to have to buy and learn new game mechanics all the time. I guess most people will leave the BC2 community as soon as the bright shiny BF3 comes out. Perhaps I shall be wrong...

      Play TF2.

      A true PC based game and not some port.

    Pretty funny, ea is making bf3 pay to play. I wonder how many will pre order moh now.

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