There's A Seventh Member Of Halo: Reach's Noble Team

Noble Team, the squad you'll be joining in Halo: Reach, only has six members. For the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, however, Bungie has drawn up a seventh member, available only in action figure form.

Yes, designed by Bungie's artists solely for the purposes of selling a toy at a comic convention, Noble Seven has an assault rifle, frag grenades and a "custom armour loadout". Happily he does not have a skull painted on his visor, but sadly he does not have a gimpy little robot arm, either.

In theory he'll be available only at Comic Con, but in practice you should be able to find hi fairly easily online, albeit at a premium price.


    Unless this particular Spartan is designed for Mardi Gras incursions I'd say his stealth ability is somewhat sub-par. Other than that it's not a bad figure, even if it doesn't stand out like any of the other Noble spartans.

      So... you would've preferred it more "stealthy", and yet you'd also like it to "stand out"?

    looks liek a regular spartan to me.. *shrugs*

    Jim Raynor's marine suit in Starcraft 2 also has a skull-visor print. So... who copied who.

    Umm how do you know they have "created" this spartan for comic-con. It looks like Noble Six with just a different coloured armor. I think it has different armor permutations on as well. It just resembles him because it is the same helmet.

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