These Three Screenshots Are From The Same Game

Three screenshots, all from the same PlayStation 3 game. Look closely and you can figure out which one. Credit the developers for diversity of content, shall we?



    Sports Champions I think. Seen it on the E3 streams. Looks interesting. Will use PlayStation Move.

    im buying the move on launch regardless but the more i see of it the more i like

    PS3 sports champion?

    Whichever game comes bundled with Move >>

    I'm sure it's Dead Or Alive Universe. :D

    Transworld Sports.

    Hmm, what game could this be?

    Ohh, i know. the flavor of the month Wii sports resort clone?

    It's not that diverse considering that it's a sports game. And these are sports.

    They all look the same to me. Three screenshots of two people playing a sport by swinging their arms in the same fashion.

    Doom 2?

    See, I'm assuming that the line "Credit the developers for diversity of content, shall we?" is sarcasm. After all, it's not like we had too look closely to work it out. And they're not diverse. Hence, sarcasm.....

    I think by diversity he is referring to the ethnicity of the characters, and the fact that they're not all generic white people.

    I'll give credit for that.

    It's Heavy Rain DLC, right???

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