This $20,000 Bed Looks Familiar

Outfitted with iPad docks on both sides, four speakers and a 250W amp. As seen on Furniture World via Born Rich via Albotas.


    Even if it came with 2 iPads I wouldn't spend $20K on it!

    Does it come in PAL colours? :-P

    It looks like a toy...

    iPad docks on both sides

    good lord

    A) IT'S A TRAP!

    and B) that bed does not look comfortable.

    That is one hideous looking bed. And imagine the redecorating you'd have to do to your bedroom to make it fit in.

    Ew it looks like a hospital bed.

    Lolz looks like something out of the Sims.

    Surely there are cheaper ways to get your bed rocking ... Zing!

    And yet someone will buy it.

    It looks like the american snes

    Once you put on sheets (you know, like a normal person..) the entire resemblance is lost. Those purple pillows look mighty uncomfortable.

    TWO ipod docks? what the hell.

    The some of the parts does not seem to add up to the total.

    are people missing the fact it looks like a SNES?

      First poster mentions having a PAL ver and another mentions an 'eject' button so no, no they haven't. They just didn't want to be the first to say it..

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