This Anti-Divorce Message Brought To You By...

Divorce has not yet been introduced in The Republic of Malta. Politicians and pundits have been debating the issue. Billboard have popped up protesting the divorce - and trying to sell video games.

This protest sign was set up by a Catholic parish located in the hometown of pro-divorce politician. The politician in question, Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, said he "totally understands" the position of the church.

The billboard reads: "Divorce: God doesn't want it." According to the Times of Malta, this is part of a larger campaign directed at churchgoers and non-believers.

The game retailer, the Times of Malta writes, actually may end up facing a boycott by the pro-divorce faction. Well, the gaming part of Malta's pro-divorce faction.

Curia 'not involved' in Zebbug anti-divorce billboard [Times of Malta Thanks, Conrad!]


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