This Guy Sure Doesn't Look 47 Years Old

Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid and drinker of virgin blood.

Now this *other* guy looks 47 years old. As seen on はちま起稿.


    Asians don't age until they hit 50.

    The other guy is 93.


    I'm curious: does Kojima EVER smile?

      You know, you might be onto something here. He could be a cyborg from the future to warn us through video game medium. Beware the Gecko and it's haunting cry!

      A lot of Japanese don't know how to smile. Do you know that there is laughing/smiling school in Japan?

    Man, I saw Porcupine tree in concert a few years back. And I swear their lead singer Steven Wilson looks like he’s 19. It’s probably all that drugs he does that keep him looking so youthful. For a 42 year old he has aged incredibly well. It was only made more bizarre when you had a look at the rest of the band, they all looked age appropriate.

      You serious? Wilson looks his age or maybe a bit younger, Gavin Harrison looks younger than him.

      Plus I'd hardly say acid and x would make you look younger.

        The drugs comment was just a joke, for all I know this guy sold his soul for eternal youth or something else just as plausible. Don’t let photos of him fool you, I was standing front row centre. The guy looks way too young.

    It's all the freshness in Asian food, straight from the farmer to your mouth!

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