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EssaysNo Gods or Kings: Objectivism in BioShockWhy A Man Plays MarioMaria Montessori: The 138-Year-Old Inspiration Behind SporeI Kept Playing - The Costs Of My Gaming Addiction

NewsGameStop Sells Played Games As New, Sources Say, Practice Could Be IllegalJack Thompson Now Officially Disbarred

HumourGrand Theft Auto: DUITwo Brothers Meditating Upon Questions of Pac-ManThe Kaketakumentary

Exclusive ReportsIs This Nintendo's 3DS?Shigeru Miyamoto Spills Beans On "Kind Code"... Almost

SexGrowing Up Games: When Will Mature, Mature?Activision's Ex is Now Playboy's Miss November (And She Prefers Rock Band!)Body Types: Why Ivy's Boobs Are Such A Big, Big Deal

PreviewsGTA4 Hands-On: The World is YoursGoldeneye For Wii Is a Remake with Some AsterisksThe Next Smart Video Game Only Lets You Kill OnceGod of War III: Like A Threesome For Your Eyes

ReviewsCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review: This Means WarHalo 3: ODST Review: The More Vulnerable EditionGrand Theft Auto IV Review: Life, Liberty City And The Pursuit Of HappinessAlan Wake Review: Transcending Its Medium

HardwareAlienware M11x Review: Ultraportable GamingMad Catz R.A.T.s Out Premium Cyborg Gaming MiceTearing The DJ Hero Controller To Pieces

CosplayCan The West Cosplay With The Best Of Them?The Cosplay of NYCCTeam Fortress 2 Gets RealPAX Cosplay Round 2 - FIGHT!

InterviewsA Delightful Chat With the Most Hated Man in Video GamesJackson Explains How Fate Killed Halo And Gave Birth To District 9The Unexpected Gamer Who Runs EA

PhotosWork and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's GreatestThe Video Gamer's Eternal Struggle Summed Up In One PhotoSteve Jobs' Game Face Is Terrifying

ArtVideo Game's Finest Pay Tribute To Artist Frank FrazettaThe Brutal Art of Brutal LegendThe Art of War

DebunkingThere Is No Such Thing As The "Madden Curse"Why Is CNN Talking About Rapelay?

PodcastsAn Hour of Sid Meier BrillianceBioware's Greg Zeschuk Has a Massive Effect on Kotaku Talk RadioAlan Wake Makers Talk Alternate Game NamesOne Excellent Hour with Rockstar Games

FamilyThree Developers Explain LittleBigPlanet Level Design to a 7-Year-OldA 70-year-old's Take on GTA IVHow To Protect, Not Isolate, Your Child From Online GamingHow To Raise A Nerd

FeaturesAchievement Chore: She Plays For Gamerscore, Whether It's Fun Or NotMinority Report: The Non-White Gamer's ExperienceGaming Before Chemo, A Child's EscapeThe Real Metal Gear

SportsTurning the Beautiful Game Into a Video GameOnce a labour of Love, Sales of Football Rosters Now Inflame PassionsIf It's In the Name, It's In the GameThe Art of Calling an Unseen Game

Guest WritersThe Goonies' Chunk Answers Gaming's Tough Legal QuestionsRon Jeremy: Sex, Not Violence, Is Beautiful and NaturalThe Impact of Homophobia in Virtual Communities

How TosFarmVille How To: The Tips and Tricks of The Farming MastersInk Meets Flesh: A Gaming Tattoo PrimerWant To Work In The Japanese Gaming Industry? Here's HowA Buyer's Guide To A Console Generation Past

ColumnsJapan: It's Not Funny AnymoreCollateral Damage In The War On PiracyHow Not To Play Games On TV, From Someone Who's Been ThereThe Replacements, Still Replaced in Video Games

CrimeAccused Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and SurvivesEA Ships Illegal Weapons To Press, Wants Them BackMan Spends Six Months Plotting Murder Of Counter-Strike RivalOwn The Xbox 360 That Helped Kick the Mayor of Baltimore Out of Office

CulturePolice Swarm to Bungie On Weapons Call During Kotaku VisitRomance With Disabled Girls: How (And Maybe Why) An Unusual Video Game Came To BeIn Moral Debate About Shadow Complex, Both Sides Have Their SayRacial Term in DS' Scribblenauts? Unintentional, Developer Explains

ScienceIndian Holy Man May Hold Solution To Game-Interrupting Bathroom BreaksKotaku Bureau of Weights & Measures Studies Fallout, Physics, Also BeerInfection Vs. Resurrection: The New Science of the ZombieUnreal Engine Puts BP Oil Spill Into Perspective

VideosJustify Your GameA Very Special Kotaku Holiday PodcastKotaku Kristmas Kard, 'Still Not Banned'

PoliticsThe Inconvenient Truth Of Buying Video Games?Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Nixed on Xbox 360 LiveShoe Attack On President Already Turned Into A Crappy Flash Game

ToysThis Might Be The Best Transformer EverRemote Control Mario Kart Has Shells, BananasA Black Widow of Your Very OwnValkyria Chronicles Figure is As Stoic As It Is Desirable

ClothingMeat Bun Dresses You in Wizards and WarriorsIron Man Sneakers Will Light up Your LifeHow To Make the Perfect Tron or Daft Punk CostumeI Clothe Gamers

AdvicePacking Tips From A Tetris MasterThe Traveler's Guide to E3Kotaku's Buyer's Guide: An Introduction

Theme WeeksReligionRobotsLoveA Summer of Gaming

EventsE3GamesComTokyo Game ShowSan Diego Comic Con

MoviesWhy Is This Johnny Cage So Familiar? He Explains to KotakuDante's Inferno's Japanese Marketing Includes a Racial TwistWhy You'll Never Be Happy With Video Game Films

InfographicsA Visual Guide To The Role-Playing GameWhat's My Motivation? Why We Play The Top 100 Games2010: A Video Gamer's GuideKotaku Census 2010: The Results

ComicsMarvel Vs. Capcom Comic Books a "Natural Thing"Sunday ComicsThis Week in ComicsThe New Pokemon Series Name Takes Some Liberties

IndustryThe Biggest Break-Up In Video Game HistoryItagaki And Tecmo Settle Legal Brouhaha

YouGame FaceA Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Greatest ReadersTalk Amongst Yourselves

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    No offence, but as a marketing exercise for your website I'm not sure it has the fullest possible impact. The "tl;dr" factor kicks in hard when you're trying to showcase so many different things. Even the list of headings alone would be too long for many people to maintain interest. That said, I'm only posting this because I'm a regular reader, so I know of Kotaku's virtues.

    Completely agree with Ian.

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