This Is The More Diablo-like Version Of The Grinder

The Conduit developer High Voltage Software is making two games that share the same name. The Grinder is both a first-person shooter (on the Wii) and a top-down shooter (on everything else). This is The Grinder in motion.

This version of High Voltage's horrific shoot 'em up is more Diablo-like in its perspective, but plays more like the developer's own Hunter: The Reckoning or Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This new trailer, showing off the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of The Grinder, looks a bit like another Wii game, The House of the Dead: Overkill.

Maybe when The Grinder finally ships, sometime around Halloween 2011, we'll stop comparing it to other games and start saying that other games look like The Grinder.


    Unlikley, High Voltage doesn't seem to be very innovative. THey're not a bad developer, but they haven't yet proven they can create something original and to high acclaim (Tournament of legends doesn't seem too popular, despite being the only original thing I've seen them attempt)

    I shouldn't have watched that trailer now I want BOTH versions.

    You know it should have been obvious to me earlier on but I never made the Grinder/Grindhouse connection till I saw this.

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