This Is Undead Michael Jackson's Replacement For Plants Vs Zombies

Michael Jackson's estate wasn't too thrilled with the zombie King of Pop lookalike featured in Plants Vs Zombies. Not wanting to be startin' something legally with Jackson's legal team, PopCap opted to drop that moonwalking zombie for something less litigious.

Courtesy of PC Gamer, we get a good look at the pretty undead thing replaces the original Thriller-esque zombie. The Disco Zombie will be patched into the already released versions of PopCap's reanimated-humans-versus-nature strategy game and future releases, like that Xbox Live Arcade port slated for the spring.

As sad as it is to see zombie Michael go to his grave, zombies wearing medallions and platform shoes with dead goldfish inside makes the change less upsetting.

Meet the new disco zombie in Plants Vs Zombies [PC Gamer]


    Disco Stu! Yay!

      exactly what I was lookng for when this was announced.. i am happy now

    This just in: Fox and Simpsons creator Matt Groening issues C&D to PopCap.


    'shady - you called it man!

    That's Disco Stu alright... Though the glasses remind me of Elton John also...

    Very nice, but the reason behind it is still upsetting. Makes MJ's estate seem really petty, and Popcap awesome for making a great replacement.

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