This Means Beard War

Yesterday, I had the audacity to say that former Ubisoft man Patrice Désilets had the most beautiful beard in the video game industry. Other developers, however, disagree.

I got a few emails overnight from bearded industry professionals, but my favourite was one from Matt MacLean, lead systems designer at Obsidian (Fallout: New Vegas, Dungeon Siege III). Matt doesn't just have a beard. He has a prize-winning beard. A self-professed "competitive beardist", Maclean won a "crowd favourite" award at the Beard Team USA 2010 National Beard and Moustache Tournament in Bend, Oregon with his Moby Dick arrangement.

It's mighty impressive, especially considering the theme, but it's not beautiful. We shall pay homage to it nonetheless, and if anyone else has a beard good enough to challenge Matt (for fury) or Patrice (for beauty), our contact details can be found to the left.


    And he's cute to boot. Double win?

    Patrice Désilets doesn't have a 'beard', he has designer bum fluff. Matt McLean on the other hand. That's a dictionary definition, capital B Beard.

    What about the Medal of Honor guy??
    He showed up at the Sony press conference, I forget his name.

    Am I the only one weirded out by beards without moustaches?

      thats just beard fear - its quite natural.

      embrace the beard, in the end it will embrace you.

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