This Might Be The Best Transformer Ever

I don't mean the greatest Transformers character ever. That would be an exercise in folly. No, I mean the greatest Transformers toy ever.

Autobot powerhouse Omega Supreme was already on the top shelf of Transformers figures, thanks to his scale and triple transforming threat (he could break into three separate vehicles), but this new custom version is really something else.

Look at the size of it. Through lighting, paint and a good eye for what makes Omega Supreme so awesome, the creator has him looking like the Transformer of a Transformers fan's wildest dreams.

You can even buy it, if you're feeling expensive today, but know that bids open at $US3000.

My destiny is the ocean of stars —— Masterpiece Omega Supreme by uuser [TFW2005]


    Dammit. At first I thought this was going to be a new War For Cybertron toy of Omega Supreme and I got really excited. Now I'm sad. It's still an awesome toy, though.

    Doh so did I. That is awesome. I Cant stop buying frikken transformers currently.

    err... the claw is on the wrong arm....

    Must... not... spend... $3k.... GAHHHH

    Is this Beast Wars? Because he looks like a butterfly. A badass butterfly ;)

    Eh. It's just a custom of Energon Omega Supreme.

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