Thor Could Really Use A Problem-Free Philosophy

Sega has released the first teaser trailer for Thor: The Video Game, giving us a tantalisingly brief look at the son of Asgard's in-game model, standing atop the ruins of Pride Rock.

Well, the back of Thor's in-game model at least. Thor stands on the rocky outcropping from The Lion King, now laid waste due to some sort of global catastrophe. There are no baby lions for Rafiki to present to the world, which is just as well, as there are no animals left to raise their voices in praise. The circle of life has ended. Ragnarok has come. How can Thor possibly overcome this bleak vision?

Hakuna matata, Odinson. Hakuna matata.


    Whenever I see non-gameplay footage trailers the the deep movie voice I automatically lose interest with the understanding that the the actual gameplay is most likely STINK.

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