Thor Kicks A Puppy In Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Were I Thor, this isn't the debut I'd want to make, being paired against Amaterasu from Okami. Because if you win, which he is, briefly, you're a god beating the crap out of a dog. And if you lose ...

We'd heard earlier that Thor and Amaterasu would be a part of the lineup. That video and two others below were released by Capcom today, confirming the appearances and showcasing what you can expect with them in action. I dunno about you, but after that throwdown, I think this just became a day one purchase for Michael Vick.

Here's a more suitable depiction of Thor beating arse galore:

And here's Amaterasu going to town on Hulk, Wolverine and others.



      This. I'm very much hoping to see her in the game. I mean, they already have the ingame models for her, the servbots, tiesel and Bon Bon.

      I doubt we'd see Bon Bon and Tiesel (although i'd love to) We'll prolly see Tron and the servbots though.

    Amaterasu owned them all

    Ammy is a god too.

    Ummmm, awesome? I've yet to play Okami but seeing how fun Amaterasu is to play makes me really wanna find a copy and give it a go. Cannot wait for MVC3 to release!!!

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