UFC Undisputed 2010's poor sales, earlier reported to be down more than 50 per cent from last year's breakout hit UFC 2009 Undisputed, now have a reason: THQ says Red Dead Redemption sucked up all the oxygen in May.

"Our sales were softer than where we would have liked them to be," THQ's Jon Rooke, the director of marketing in the UK, told MCV. "We know our UFC and MMA fans have bought it, but we haven't delivered the broader sales yet.

"That's largely down to Red Dead Redemption," Rooke said. "Rockstar have probably taken a fair amount of our market share. They shipped five million units, taking a lot of consumer dollars."

That said, Rooke doesn't classify UFC's performance as a disappointment: "Last year, we had the perfect storm," he said. Indeed it did, with only Infamous as any competition with acclaim in that month. "This year Rockstar did. That's not to say our sales were in any way disappointing. We still managed to ship 2.6 million units.

"And we've got a long tail with that product," Rooke said. "We absolutely believe we will deliver our initial sales expectations for UFC and the 2010 edition has been a phenomenal success."

THQ Blames Red Dead for UFC Sales [CVG]


    No, this is a garbage PR person’s excuse for releasing a game no one wanted to buy. It’s only taken one sequel, but UFC has already hit the same leagues of WWE and other sports games, by making a game with only superficial and cosmetic improvements. The #1 thing I thought needed improvement was the career mode, and they barely touched it.

    I think this game definitely needs to not be a yearly thing, because the sport doesn’t change that much from year to year. You end up just trying to add tiny improvements and tiny roster updates. EA definitely have it right to release their game every other year. That would allow for a much more defined improvement in the game.

    I know for a fact that it wasn’t RDR that stopped me from buying the game. It was the fact that the game looks exactly the same as last year’s game.

      Didnt buy 09, bought 2010 though and thought it was great. Played 09, and thought it sucked you couldn't use the cage to your advantage, now you can. There's been graphical improvements, locational damage improvements and the addition of using the cage?

      What improvements to career mode did you want specifically, Im curious?

        Well, I wanted my created fighter to start off in amateur MMA, win a few fights, and then be accepted onto the next series on the ultimate fighter (I know 2010 has WEC, but it’s not the same thing). Fight my way through the show, it could act as the in game tutorial and it could be used as a way to mould my character (stats, skills, specific moves) After I win the show (or get far enough) I get into the lower unaired cards of UFC. Along the way I pick the different types of coaches I want and go to the specific camps I want to become the fighter I want to be (both 09 and 10 did the camps thing, but it was really half assed).

        Then I want what I do in the ring to actually matter. I win fights my submission or KO and I advance faster than decisions (although in all my time playing the game i can count on one hand the number of fights that have gone the distance) And sloppy fights bring me down in the rankings (Anderson Silva wins, but the UFC hate him) I want feel like a real UFC career. Rather than just picking my next opponent (once, I fought Forrest griffin about 5 times in a row just because he was an option everytime)

        What the UFC game does in the ring is very good. (Although I’d still like to see better knockout physics and cut/blood animations) what it does outside of the ring is lacking.

          You know what. That's an incredibly well thought out and constructive critique. Bravo. I appreciate the time and effort taken to put that in there so succinctly.

          I do agree with you. The gameplay is undeniably the best there is for an mma game, I too given your critique would like to see more variety too. I actually fought Broc Lesnar twice in a row somehow too lol.

          I'm interested in EAs mma game but somehow I'm feeling it won't be as fun?

          The stat management I've found too exploitable as well once you get used to it.

          I still love it though. I train in Kyokoshin karate, and through different camps have been able to create 'me' or a close facsimile in the game. All the moves that I can do at training and in the NAS are in there too, so it's pretty sweet.

          I'm hoping 11 isn't a spitshine...

            The EA game has more potential for a good career mode because the whole concept of going to different countries and fighting in different leagues is more of an authentic MMA experience. It also provides a lot more variety. I’d also love to see PRIDEfc rules translated to a good game.

            My problem with EA MMA is that outside of hardcore mixed martial arts fans, about 50% of their roster are unknowns. I know who they are, but I doubt the average person that watches a UFC event every now and then will know. Also, the idea of making a player’s skin translucent to show their bones is really, really stupid.

            Regardless of what game people will enjoy more (and both of these games will be rampant with fanboy range upon release) I think that the EA game is very good for UFC and THQ. Every game needs one huge competitor. It makes you try harder to win over gamers, and provides a lot of good ideas to borrow. If THQ didn’t have EA MAA they run the serious risk of doing exactly what they did with the WWE games. I.e put out the same game year after year to increasingly declining critical and commercial performance.

            So far, EA MMA hasn’t really sold me. They haven’t shown me enough to make me think it will be better than UFC. But, I’m also not inclined to buy another UFC game if they are just ctrl+c/ctrl+v jobs year after year. The good thing is that I think THQ will try a lot harder with the next game. I know they are giving us this RDR excuse, but they can’t honestly believe that is the reason the game didn’t sell as well. I’ll bet the next UFC game makes some major changes.

              I agree, they can't say that RDR was solely to blame.

              The simple fact is if you do a yearly 'update' game, then people aren't going to want to buy every single years iteration of the game.

              If I had've bought 09, I guarantee I would've been apprehensive of buying 2010 myself, guaranteed.

      What absolute crap, they rushed out a sequel 1 year later with barely any improvements. Why the hell would anyone pay $60 dollars, or $100 Aus dollars for a game with no significant improvements? you wouldn't so people didn't. Enough of the bullshit excuses, start thinking like gamers and customers and not buisness men obsessed with making a proffit.

    I don't think they are going to get broader sales of any of their terrible games.

    I think a DLC update to the game would be a better idea than a whole new game.

    "A lesson learned here kids, never try..."

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