THQ Plans Involve A Fourth Rasslin' Game

THQ will add a fourth wrestling title to its WWE lineup next year, the publisher's core games chief told CVG. It's not a western release of the Smackdown! vs Raw Online currently available only in Asia, but something completely new.

To avoid cannibalising sales of its flagship game, Bilson said the new title would be "less simmy" than Smackdown! vs Raw. Question: If you're decreasing the simulation quality of a sport that is fake, does that mean it'll be more real?

Kidding aside, in explaining why Smackdown! vs Raw Online will remain in Asia, Bilson said that version of the game was developed "uniquely for Asian playing habits and it would probably have to be modified creatively to bring it to the West". He didn't shut the door on the possibility some day, but it's solidly a no-plans kind of thing now.

Bilson said the fourth title comes through the publisher's strategy of adding an alternate version for the franchise every six months. WWE All-Stars (pictured), due out next year, is an example of that. It too is "less simmy" and focused on over-the-top action and having a rock-em sock-em good time.

THQ Creating All-New WWE Franchise [CVG]


    Japanese wrestling is a whole different thing from American wrestling. They love over the top matches/characters and storylines. I think a wrestling game that doesn’t take itself seriously is just what we need. I was so disappointed that Fire pro wrestling never had a pal release in Australia (I think you can get it in the UK) Even as a 2D – 3D hybrid it had the most deep character creation tools of any game I’ve ever seen. Just about anything is possible to make. Plus the matches are just so over the top it’s impossible not to laugh. Who doesn’t want to compete in an exploding landmine electric ring match?

    Think landmine matches dont happen?

    hel, i once saw a match in japan where the goal was to not get thrown into a pit of alligators

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