Tim Schafer Is Working On “New Games”!

Who cares whether or not Bobby Kotick is a “total prick” when Tim Schafer is talking about even more important things. Like what Double Fine is currently working on.

In that Eurogamer interview – yes, the one where he says Actision boss Kotick is a “total prick” and should possibly think about changing careers to weapons manufacturing – Schafer also briefly talks about the future for Double Fine.

When asked what’s exciting him for 2010, Schafer replies: “The new games we’re working on… I can’t really say until the announcement, but there are things about them that are new and different.”

New games? Them? He uses the plural twice. For a company that has thus far worked on two games – Psychonauts and Brutal Legend – one at a time, it’s interesting to hear they’re now working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Schafer also hints – or possibly alludes, or maybe suggests in a roundabout way, OK, I’m really stretching here – that one or more of those projects might be a downloadable release.

“I’m very interested in [Xbox Live and PlayStation Network] ,” he says. “Those could be a way of getting creative ideas out there without risking $30 million on them. When you risk $30 million on something, publishers want to mitigate their risk.”

So, in sum, Tim Schafer and Double Fine are working on new games, plural, and they may or may not be for XBLA and PSN, but Schafer thinks those services are pretty neat.

Isn’t that more interesting than any resmeblance between an Activision CEO and a complete male appendage?

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer Interview, Page 2 [Eurogamer, thanks supererogatory]

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