Tim Schafer Is Working On “New Games”!

Tim Schafer Is Working On “New Games”!

Who cares whether or not Bobby Kotick is a “total prick” when Tim Schafer is talking about even more important things. Like what Double Fine is currently working on.

In that Eurogamer interview – yes, the one where he says Actision boss Kotick is a “total prick” and should possibly think about changing careers to weapons manufacturing – Schafer also briefly talks about the future for Double Fine.

When asked what’s exciting him for 2010, Schafer replies: “The new games we’re working on… I can’t really say until the announcement, but there are things about them that are new and different.”

New games? Them? He uses the plural twice. For a company that has thus far worked on two games – Psychonauts and Brutal Legend – one at a time, it’s interesting to hear they’re now working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Schafer also hints – or possibly alludes, or maybe suggests in a roundabout way, OK, I’m really stretching here – that one or more of those projects might be a downloadable release.

“I’m very interested in [Xbox Live and PlayStation Network] ,” he says. “Those could be a way of getting creative ideas out there without risking $30 million on them. When you risk $30 million on something, publishers want to mitigate their risk.”

So, in sum, Tim Schafer and Double Fine are working on new games, plural, and they may or may not be for XBLA and PSN, but Schafer thinks those services are pretty neat.

Isn’t that more interesting than any resmeblance between an Activision CEO and a complete male appendage?

Double Fine’s Tim Schafer Interview, Page 2 [Eurogamer, thanks supererogatory]


  • “Who cares whether or not Bobby Kotick is a “total prick” when Tim Schafer is talking about even more important things. Like what Double Fine is currently working on.”

    LOL i love the way you put total prick in quotation marks so that you could avoid flat out calling him one yourself 😛

    But yes – this is indeed a fantatsic thing.. i wonder what wacky and wonerful things he could ruse for Live or PSN 😀

  • As long as they turn out better than brutal legend did, that game was awesome up until it became a console RTS and I’m especially pissed that the demo managed to totally avoid that aspect of the game

    • I still loved those parts too but they certainly weren’t as fun as the rest of the game.
      When you just had a crowd with you but it didn’t matter if they all died (like the first mission to recruit the headbangers for instance) I think were the greatest parts.
      That and basically every bit of dialog in the game.
      Those were awesome too.

    • Agreed, they should have just focused on refining it into a good quality open world action game, maybe some basic squad command elements. The world itself, the writing and the art style were all great.

    • I think the term itself, “RTS”, being used by the game media to lump Brutal Legend’s style into a genre box was what ruined the game.

      The later half of the game wasn’t an RTS. It wasn’t your standard action-adventure either. It loosely reminded me of DoTA, build up some units and go smash the bad guys. If you played the whole thing as an RTS, flying above the battle, then yeah, it sucked. But if you only used the flying for a quick overview of the battlefield and to zip from battle to battle, then it was really good! And fast too!

      Why bother running to the next tower getting attacked, when you could zip up, fly, AND SMAAASH!

      I rated it.

  • Hey if it’s a couple of quick XBLA/PSN games to experiment or bank roll his next big game I’m all for it. Looking forward to another Double Fine Production.

  • So what happened to all that awesome single player DLC we were supposed to be getting for Brutal Legend, Tim? And no, a beard does not count as ‘awesome content’.

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