Time-Lapse Videos Reveal The Beautiful Designs Of Red Dead Redemption

Didn't know this: Red Dead Redemption has an "AFK" mode - don't move the controller, and Marston and the HUD disappear, revealing a panoramic view. Digital Foundry used this mode to create startlingly lifelike time-lapse video that you may download.

The video, hosted at Eurogamer, is embedded on that site, so I can't put it here. Trust me, it's worth the visit, especially on a Saturday. The existence of the AFK mode - as this is not a PC game - reveals the designers' intentions that you spend some time taking in the game's bona fide scenic beauty, probably because they worked like hell on it. Digital Foundry gives a great explanation of the level of detail and depth the game delivers.

And if you want the video file for yourself, that too is made available for download through a link on their page.

Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion [Digital Foundry at Eurogamer]


    Its right about now that I wish for the Lon Lon Ranch theme playing over it...

      Too true, too true.

      Actually, if they released Ocarina of Time with these graphics? I might actually crap a deku nut.

    I love these time capture shots in games, their fallout 3 one isn't the best, but this one is excellent. RDR is, in terms of visuals, the prettiest console game i've played to date (its even up their with most entertaining in my book)... well until Crisis comes out, thats looking to be nuts (again, visually... story wise not so much).

      Firstly, Crysis 2*
      and Secondly, don't tell the developers or the writer of Crysis 2 that, he may even kill you. He seems to think every game except Crysis 2 has a shit storyline and C2 will be the best.
      He will be proved wrong with his own "creation".

      But yeah RDR is the prettiest game this year and level with ME2 with storyline and excitement. Didn't know of this feature even though I've stopped way too many times to take in the beautiful environment of the game.

        I know its Crisis 2, but I’ve got into the habit of just calling any and all Crisis endeavors, Crisis. As for the author, bring him on, the dudes a prat.

    Ho. Lee. Cow.

    I must now get this game.

    Poker, tying people to railroad tracks AND and AFK mode? That's hooked me in.

    Thanks for sharing the info ;)

    The game is absolutely stunning, no doubt about it.

    Interesting how the cloud shadows frequently move in opposite directions to the clouds. Actually quite jarring.

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