Too Many Zombies Can Ruin A Video Game

That's what Dead Rising 2 co-producer Shin Ohara reckons, anyway.

Speaking with Gamasutra, the Japan-based developer says "Last year at Captivate we did a demo. We had a strip — It was probably like 10 metres wide and 200 metres long. We filled it with about 7,000 zombies. After about 3,000, you can't really tell the difference because it fills up the screen anyway. Over 3,000, it ruins the experience. It's not a game anymore."

He maintains that Dead Rising 2's engine could do 7000 zombies on-screen if they wanted, but yeah, that's when it becomes a tech demo, and not a game. Shame. I'm sure there's at least one instance where they could cram 7000 in and just... set them all on fire or something.

Q&A: Dead Rising 2 And 'Growing Pains' For Old Corporate Japan [Gamasutra]


    7,000 from ground level is a bit pointless, but I'm picturing standing on the roof in the original Dead Rising looking out over the carpark. That could benefit from a sea of zombies.
    I'm sure there has to be at least a few spots in Las Vagas that would be improved by a view like that. Being able to sit in a hotel room throwing grenades off the balcony and into a massive swarm of zombies would be awesome.

    this man is obviously abusing several tonnes of crack per day...

    Ooh yeah you could have them in a carpark with a firetruck that sprays petrol and a match.

      Really? A firetruck full of petrol? Let's leave ideas like that to Uwe Boll

        +1 internets

    Zombie crowd surfing, best done with a board

    It definitely would have made getting the Zombie Genocider achievement easier in the first game: Defeat at least 53,594 zombies.

    Zombies are getting so oversaturated that any number from one upward is getting to be too much...

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