Two More Multiplayer Maps Arrive For Battlefield Bad Company 2 Today

Two new maps were served up today over the free (to retail buyers) VIP service for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. VIP Map Pack No 5 adds White Pass and Nelson Bay, shown in this here trailer.

White Pass supports Rush Mode; Nelson Bay is for Conquest Mode. The content is free to VIP pass holders, which came free with the full purchase of the game. Otherwise, it costs $US15, but it gives you all content, such as the four VIP map packs preceding it.


    You know what would be good...? Actual new maps instead of repeatedly re-packaging existing ones into new game types.

    Just saying.

      Thats why these are 'free'. Vietnam expansion will be giving us new maps, and thats why they will be charging for it :P

        Well, I'd happily PAY ($10-15) for a small DLC map pack as long as there at least 4 of them with both conquest & rush modes. But still... unlocking new modes on old maps has little replay value.

        I am looking forward to the Vietnam expansion, which is out soon - but not much media released since the teaser trailer at E3 is somewhat disappointing.

    Man, its seems I've been waiting forever to get this game. Yes I want it! Yes, funds are pretty low! No, I'm not a like paying like $69.99US. Yes, my rectal funtions are higly secure!

    Maybe I missed it?, but I've been checking on Steam FOREVER waiting for this game to go on sale!! Its driving me NUTS!
    I loved COD4, hung out forever waiting on MW2 which was gonna be a day 1 purchase. Then all bad news on what MW2 had become (cash cow and no more) I said I would not purchase it. Like 100 million other irate fans!
    However I think 99,999,999 of those wossies had no will power. I'm not buying it, plain and simple.

    So I said I'll go BF-BC2, but only will get it when it hits bargain bin prices, buttttt
    KENBRUCEHASGONEMAD KENBRUCEHASGONEMAD KENBRUCEHASGONECOMPLETELY MADDDDD!!11! Arrrgh StEaM this weekend you better be 9.99US or I'll simply cease to excist and vanish due to frustration. Or something.

      Don't worry, I also Boycotted MW2 and I still haven't bought the game. I picked up BFBC2 for $50 I think, and then they rose the price on Steam.

      It's been on sale on Steam twice now. Once before the Summer sale and once during the Summer Sale. 50% off..

      I stupidly bought it for full price (had to buy a 2nd copy for my mrs too :@) in between sales.

      The game is fun and addictive, but BS hackers are starting to get more and more prevalent which takes the fun away a lot. Plus nerdy boy team stacking is rife... As soon as I unlocked all the weapons I was pretty much over it.

      Qumulys you want this cheap buy from only $25

    I find the games really laggy now compared to launch, probably because there's a lot less aussies playing.

      Yeah me too. It's a shame, BFBC2 is leagues ahead of MW2, let's hope the player base doesn't degrade any further (it's still relatively playable).

      On a side note, I bought the game retail and the VIP code simply does not work. I think a member of GAME may have used it already, the box was unsealed...

    I got it when it went down to 46.89 USD on the 16th of July (according to my email receipt) so yes you missed out.

    I have a little romp in it from time to time on PC but have lost interest since I first started playing.

    The Free Service they're providing is a little slack. :O

    Same maps, different gametypes does NOT equal new MAP Pack. :D

    Just to clarify, are these coming out at the same time on all platforms? I have it on PC, I really enjoy it, although it should be 64 players like a true Battlefield game. Is it available for PC at the same time? That Vietnam expansion looks good too.

      Be glad you got anything. BC 1 is console exclusive.

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