Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Is On Facebook In His Underwear

After a five-year absence from the gaming scene, Krome Studios wants to bring Ty the Tasmanian Tiger back into the limelight, and they're not afraid to show you his underwear to do it.

Krome has launched Bush Rescue HQ on Facebook, calling it "the social hub of the Ty universe", which is funny, because I didn't know Ty had a universe anymore, much less enough fans to score his own social hub. Still, here we are, and so far 155 fans have flocked to the page, eager for news of the next Ty game.

Right now, visitors to the page can create their own dingo characters, dressing them up so they look slightly different from Ty himself. Krome is calling this the first stage of Bush Rescue HQ, with plans to utilise the characters you create in a Facebook game at a later date.

The page will update every Tuesday. Krome is calling them "Ty Tuesdays". We probably won't.

"I'm very excited to be bringing back our signature character," said Steve Stamatiadis, creator of TY and Creative Director of Krome Studios, "we have had great success with him in the past, and we feel there's a huge opportunity to introduce TY the Tasmanian Tiger to Facebook gamers around the world."

Facebook gamers, meet Ty. He was in some games.


    Ty must be desperate for a buck with this whole internet underwear photo-shoot thing...

    Wouldn't be surprised to see him on ishotmyself next...

      can't wait for blade kitten ;p

    I only found out about this game when doing my research for the Australians in video games thing. I personally found the character of Maurie from the game to be way more of a stereotypical Aussie bogan. If I didn’t know the developers were all Australian, I could have sword they just Google searched “Australian slang” and tried to include every single word into this characters dialogue.

    I remember playing one of the games on PS2 or Xbox or something... He's not the kind of character that's really relevant any more though. He's basically a less recognisable Crash Bandicoot... although I do like the idea of an Australian platformer, it's kind of a void idea considering no one has heard of it since 2004... :/

    What a bitchy article. Someone got a chip?

      I thought the article brings to light the ridiculousness of the situation.

      Especially considering Australia's biggest independent game developer is now resorting to facebook apps to keep their people busy, I don't consider this article to be bitchy at all, but rather a sad reflection on the health of Australia's videogame industry.

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