Unboxing Halo: Reach's Games And Console

It's one thing to see the guts of a Halo game spilled across a carefully-staged press photo, but it's another entirely to see the actual product (or in this case products) opened by human hands.

This video put together by Bungie shows Halo: Reach's limited edition, legendary edition and special Xbox 360 console being taken out of their boxes, thumbed through and otherwise violated for the very first time.

If you've had concerns or queries as to the build quality, size or heft of any of this stuff, this is as good a chance as you're going to get to have them addressed before the game is released in September.

I, for one, hadn't realised the legendary edition was so big. It's almost too big.


    Wow... -I'm happy with my Limited Edition I preordered, I dont need the Legendary.

    Oh. Shit. That's gonna get me some looks on the bus...


    Halo: Reach Legendary Edition =$220
    Halo: Reach Xbox 360= $550
    Trade back the Halo:Reach that came with the 360= -$85

    Total: $485

    So for $485 I get a new Silver 360 S, 2 controllers, Halo Reach: Legendary edition, a 250GB HDD and a headset. If I get my voucher from game, knock another $27.50 off that :D.

      Dont you mean $685 ??

      GAME would give $85 trade in value for reach?

    Oops, I meant $685, lol.

      Crap shoulda scrolled down before commenting above.... My bad!!!

    Looks totally worth it, actually ><. It's a shame I'm not as big as a Halo Fan, I know the legendary would be wasted on me, so I might just get the limited, or even the standard, depending on what my wallet permits

    I don't even like Halo and won't be picking up reach but damn that console is sexy, I want one.

    Is it me, or am I the only person that thinks the stuff in the Limited Edition is pointless?

    OK people, how am I gonna get one of those legendary's for 100 bucks, just like my halo 3 one?

    The Legendary Edition is kind of hilarious. The Spartan statues aren't that large, and most of the weight is coming from that "authentic rocky backdrop!"

    These editions are getting more insane. It's almost like one of those Russian dolls, each subsequent edition contains a perfectly rounded version of the previous one.

    The legendary edition is awesome, it's the last halo game so I think bungie deserves to make an over the top edition.

    i sw the limited edition for $100, so why fork out an extra $100 just for the legendary's statue

    bit pointless if you ask me.

      This is not the last halo its just the last halo that bungie will be working on the company 343 Industries will be making the next halo

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