Unicorn Dookie Confirmed For DeathSpank

The action RPG - to me, it looks like Castle Crashers meets Diablo - will deliver scads of special items when it hits July 13 for PSN, July 14 for Xbox Live, What's deadlier, "Unicorn Poop" or "Orphan Bag"?


    I love the tag “Unicorn shit” As odd of a subject that it is, I was hoping that more than one story would come up when I clicked it.

    Never heard of this before but it sounds awesome and the trailer made me lul.

    Torchlight called, they want their visual style back!

      I think this game is unique enough

      WoW called, it wants it's visual style and game mechanics back from Torchlight who in turn wants its visual style back from Deathspank so it can give it back to WoW....

    can't wait for this!

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