Until Curb Stomp Do Us Part

As seen on Reddit, via Gizmodo.


    Hrmmm.... GOW with a PS3?
    Kinda ruined a brilliant idea!

    How else spotted the error?

    Also how cool is it that there is now a cakes tag!

      Oops there are a plethora of post tagged with 'cake'


    Playing Gears on a PS3? i dont think so.

    Gears of War on a PS3?!?

    lol last i checked, GoW wasn't on PS3 :P

    still made me crack up though!

    haha looks like everyone else picked up on the PS3 - still i absolutely love it.. the way he's still smiling at the screen whilst she's dragging him away with a determined and stern look :D

      He's probably having a heart attack from the Red Bulls.

      Also, how big's that telly?

    You can take the man away from games, but you can't take the games out of the man.

    Unless you had a Lancer from GoW

    PS3 on a Gears of War???

    LOL love it!
    Going a bit off topic, my wife didn't mind me playing GoW.
    Every time she sees me cutting up a Locust she'll go "Ooooh ewwwww" and then laugh at all the blood being splattered across the screen.
    I love my wife :-)

      Based on that? With all due respect, I love your wife too! lol!

    Not a lot of people know that a vast majority of 360 games run on the PS3. Try it if you don't believe me...

    Did anyone else notice he's playing Gears on a PS3!?!?!?!?!? AHAHAHAHAHAHHA....ah...caps-ATTACK. BO-YA.

    Beside the obvious mistake that GoW is playing on PS3, anyone else noticed how he plays so close to the TV!?

    Oh and drinking more than 2 cans of red bull can cause problem... so that's prob why he rather play games than humping his wife on the wedding night lol

    ...Why is it that you find the PS3/GoW thing the most interesting aspect of this photo? I guess its a good litmus test to see who is in a relationship that's likely to get to marriage :P

    I'm about to, and I find this hilarious. That said I don't actually like GoW much.

    I want this cake to be at my wedding....

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