Valve's New Shooter, Alien Swarm, Now Available (For Free)

As promised, Valve has released top-down co-op shooter Alien Swarm on Steam, free of charge. Have fun!


    i am sooo all over this as soon as i get home!

      the boss says get back to work.

    downloading right now

    on the doooooooooooownload

    Oh Craptastic :( I went to download it, but my blasted c: drive is so full I have no room!! Whats frustrating is I have plenty of space on other drives, but how can I move where Steam chooses to download and install??

      If you're using Vista or Windows 7, maybe take a look at this article:

    Thank you for posting this, otherwise I would have never known.

    Beat it. Pretty hard game though. very short

    Cannot wait for this DL to finish!

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