Vanquish Dated For North America With Preorder Arsenal

Japan's getting Shinji MIkami's sci-fi third-person shooter Vanquish on October 21? So what! In North America we're getting it a couple of days earlier, with a trio of deadly new weapons available to those who preorder from the right store.

October 19 is the date that Vanquish hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the store in question is, of course, GameStop. Folks who put down their five dollars at the video game retailer will gain access to an exclusive Tri-Weapon DLC pack.

How does a Boost Machine Gun sound to you guys? Boring? How about an Anti-Armor Pistol? Lame? Okay, then you might enjoy the miniaturized space warship laser that is the Laser Cannon, the most powerful weapon available to infantry?

Everybody loves laser cannons. My mother loves laser cannons, and she doesn't even know what they are.


    So a Splazer? Always good.
    Do you know if this is coming to Australia?
    It looks pretty interesting.

    certainly looks shiney and very 'splody

    Answered my own question - it is listed on the EB au site. No mention of the preorder bonus tho.

    If it controls well I think I might be getting it

    not impressed so far

    on the disc DLC?

    This almost looked interesting before I watched a trailer for it.

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