Vietnam's Gaming Crackdown

After a "public outcry" about the negative effects of computer games, the Vietnamese government has begun issuing measures to restrict online games.

Games that require a server will be limited to three hours of playtime per day for each gamer. However, educational and cultural games will be permitted for up to five hours per day. Internet cafes will be required to cease offering game service between 11PM and 6AM every day.

Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications is drawing up legislation to deal with offline games.

What's more, game operators must detail the level of violence in their games and submit a report. Also, they need to break down games into age groups like 6-11, 12-15, 15-18 and 18 and up.

All these measures are temporary measures and in place up until the end of the year. Vietnam's Ministry of Information and Communications aims to have a finalised plan for how it will deal with the gaming industry.

Previously, Vietnam placed restrictions on freedom of speech on the internet, including issuing regulations on blogging. Some of the actions the country are taking with gaming sound more like baby steps towards rating games. Well, that and not allowing people to play games whenever they please. Communism!

Vietnam Comes Down Hard on Online Games [GamePolitics][Pic]


    For every social group that has sufferred the loss of healthy and fun young members to the blight that is MMOs, this is for you.

    For every mother who has had to plead with their child to go to bed after playing for 3+ hours because she has to take him to the soccer game the next morning, this is for you.

    For every girlfriend or wife who has been neglected while their partner is more interesting in gaining that next level or playing one more match, this is for you.

      ...if you live in Vietnam.
      Yes I realise the philosphical side of what you're saying, but this doesn't affect any Australian social groups, mothers, girlfriends or wives.

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