Watch Some Guy Complete A Lap Of Top Gear's Test Track

The highlight (for me, anyways) of upcoming racer Gran Turismo 5 will be racing a full lap of the Top Gear Test Track. Until it's out, I'll have to make do watching this guy complete a circuit instead.

It looks as amazing as you'd expect, even via shaky cam, but there's something nagging at me. I think it's the fact Jeremy Clarkson isn't saying "Gambon" so deliciously at the end of the race. Or making fun of the guy's slow start.

[via Top Gear]


    This video illustrates why i wont enjoy GT5, racing sims are just too frustrating. The likes of Motostorm are more my thing. Mods for GT5 would be awesome, alas its on a console.

    Smartest thing Polyphony could have done.

    Genius, now all the fans will be competing for the coveted fastest lap time on the TopGear track.

    Also, that guy can't drive to save his life.

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