We Have A Winner

Daigo Umehara, yes that guy, has won the Evo 2010 Super Street Fighter IV championship title.

In the grand finals, Daigo defeated player EG Ricky Ortiz 3-1. Coming in third, fourth and fifth were players Inflitration, Mike Ross and "Vangief".

In 2009, Daigo won Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV championship title after beating U.S. champ Justin Wong.

Daigo Umehara Wins Evo 2010 Super Street Fighter IV Championship Title [Kineda]


    The stream went down on the last few rounds... sigh

    But nice work Daigo

    yea this is insane. How can no one beat this guy?! Dude is Rainman.

    My god that stream was horrible. Going down in the final round of the grand finals? Not cool.

    Did anyone find the Street Fighter finals kind of boring after all the excitement of the semi finals with Gamerbee and Vangief, then the HD-remix finals with a Zangief player on a PS3 gamepad taking it out. Then we got to SF4 finals and it was the same Rufus/Ryu shit it always is.

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