Well Alrighty Then: Here Are The Madden 11 Achievements

The full achievement list for Madden NFL 11 is now out in the open. It includes "Laces Out", which gives you 40 Gamerscore for kicking a 60-yard-field goal. That sounds makeable - provided Dan Marino's not holding.

Aside from making homages to 1990s comedies, developers use the achievements and trophy sets to condition gamer expectations, or at least place incentives on the new parts of a game they want them to explore. So I can tell that with "Home Run" (the 80-yard TD cheev), they want you to hear new boothman Gus Johnson going bonkers, and with "The Elusive Man" and "YACtastic" they expect the game's locomotion upgrades to make you a better runner after first contact.

Easy-to-collect achievements, like the five-spot you get for creating a Gameplan (it prioritises the plays that come up during the new GameFlow playcall mode), are there to get you to at least try that feature.

Then there are the wild-ass badges of honour. Returning two kickoff TDs in the same game with the same player - that has happened only nine times in NFL history, but twice last year, no doubt inspiring its inclusion here. And winning a fight for the fumble in the endzone to score a touchdown has much more to do with luck than skill.

There are two Secret Achievements. I'm hoping one involves creating a kicker named Ray Finkle, and the other somehow involves Hootie and the Blowfish, making this a trifecta of 1994.

Very Special Teams Return 2 kicks for touchdowns in one game with one player (no Online Team Play) 100

Butterfingers Force 3 fumbles in a game (no OTP) 50

Man Dozer Rush for 50 yards after the first hit in one game (no OTP) 25

He's Got All Day Stay in the pocket for 10 seconds (no OTP) 20

Did I Break It? Win a game by at least 59 points (max qtr. len. 7 min, no OTP) 40

Winning Isn't Everything Catch 21 passes in a game with one player (no OTP) 75

Old Spice Swagger Return Return a punt for a touchdown (no OTP) 45

Comeback Kids Win after being behind in the last 2 min of a game (no OTP, min qtr. len. 3 min) 40

No Offense Intercept 5 passes in a game (no OTP) 50

Fantasy Freak Rush for over 200 yards in a game with one player (no OTP) 25

The Elusive Man Break 5 tackles in a game with one player (no OTP) 25

Perfect Game Have a perfect passer rating in a game (no OTP) 50

Home Run Break an 80+ yard touchdown run (no OTP) 25

Old Spice Swagger Pick 6 Intercept a pass and return it for a touchdown (no OTP) 25

YACtastic Have over 100 YAC in one game (no OTP) 35

Pick Up 6 Win a Fight for the Fumble in the end zone for a TD (no OTP) 75

Deadly Accurate Have a 92% or higher completion percentage in a game (min 20 att., no OTP) 30

Laces Out Kick a 60+ yard Field Goal (no OTP) 40

Madden Moments Complete the "Super Bowl Sunday" Madden Moment 100

Defensive Dominance Hold your opponent to under 100 yards of offense (min qtr. len. 5 min, no OTP) 75

Sack Master Record 5 sacks in a game with one player (no OTP) 25

Verizon Master Strategist Create a custom Gameplan 5

Two Secret Achievements worth 10 Gamerscore each.

Madden NFL 11 Achievements [Success Full via Operation Sports]


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