What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Anyone not playing StarCraft II? Anyone...?

I'm not much of an RTS gamer - I prefer my strategy to come in turn-based form - so I'll be playing the singleplayer campaign more out of curiosity than anything else.

Mostly though I'll be playing Dragon Quest IX and try to make some headway into the latest 100-hour Square Enix RPG.

How about you?


    I wont be playing Starcraft 2 :( Don't have it yet. Instead I might indulge in a bit of Blur racing and some shmups on my big ass tv!
    Thanks to a tip from Ryan Thomas (http://www.kotaku.com.au/2010/07/talk-amongst-yourselves-79/comment-page-2/#comment-151076) my wife will be playing the sims 2!!

    Ace Attorney: Investigations.

      You sir, are a legend :)

      Go Edgey!

    I'll be getting through the Assassin's Creed 2 downloadable packs, finally picked them up when they went deal of the week.

    Besides that: Tiger Woods 11, maybe Transformers WFC, and as always, I'll just get sidetracked and end up playing Rock Band 2 for the rest of the day.

    It's been two years since I last played Ocarina of Time so I might have to replay it again before the 3DS version comes out.

    Lego Harry Potter on the DS.. what? It's fun. :)

    Yakuza 3. Bought it on impulse and quite enjoying it. Not enough save points, though.

    Also some Army of Two and I might start Half Life 2 for the first time.

      You know you can save at your hideouts and Telephone Booths, right? So long as you're wandering around the city/wherever, you can just pop in and save whenever you want.

      But I finished Yakuza 3 2 days ago, and now I don't know what to play. =(

        Had no idea about the phone booths :D.

    I'm not either, since my computer can only run games from about 10 years ago :P
    That, and I'm yet to pay more than $40 for a game this year, so I'd need to wait a while before SCII fell into my price bracket so I can keep the record going.

    Probably just playing the "clean your room" game this weekend, although I did get a start on Mega Man Zero Collection last night.

    I got some extra commission pay from work this week, so I bought CoD: World at War, Super Street Fighter IV, StarCraft 2, The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition and Final Fantasy XIII, so I'll be playing those, AND EarthWorm Jim HD on PSN...


    Just fell for an iPad this week.

    Can't. Stop. Playing. Flight Control.

    I'll be playing Lego Universe closed beta :D And some SC2 >.>

    Just Cause 2

    I got all the DLC for like 4 bucks on Steam yesterday. Really good game that you can loose yourself in for a weekend. I beleive the game is only 25 bucks too for the weekend, so if you have a half decent PC, grab it. You could do a lot worse for $25. The Tuk Tuk thing goes off too.

    I really must start playing Red Dead Redemption...

      You must! I finished the game (storywise) last night, it's brilliant.

      But as for this weekend, my mate and I are trying to do Horde mode in Gears 2 on Insane. We're up to wave 9. Or 8. All I know is that progress is very slow.

    Resonance of Fate on Xbox360. I'm trying to stay away from SSFIV nowadays.

      But why?
      It's so fun!

    Since I'm trying to fininsh my wii backlog, I'll be playing sonic and the secret rings and starting final fantasy cc crystal bearers

    People stop this tomfoolery and get Starcraft 2.

    Starcraft II, a little bit of Gears of War 2 and maybe some Modern Warfare 2 and/or Left 4 Dead 2 if we bother setting up the local network at my friends tonight. Heh, all sequels. If only I could throw some Dead Rising 2 on that pile.

    No SC2 for me. If anyone saw my rts skills they'd know why :P

    I'll be continuing the metroid prime trilogy in preparation for other m, and I've been having a lot of fun playing brawl lately so probably more of that. I wish it were more active online though :(

    I'm not playing StarCraft 2. I'm a big StarCraft fan and I've had the game since release but I just haven't played it yet ;D
    I think I'll play it during my mid-semester break. In the mean time there is chemistry to be done. I finally get what I've been doing wrong! I forgot to subtract for pKb values!

    Wait, Chemistry isn't a video game, haha. I think I'll be playing some Little King's Story =)
    Maybe some Alien Swarm too...

    Nope, no Starcraft 2 for me either... I'm curious about it of course, but I'm not going to put down $90 for a game that will probably run like a slide show on my computer.

    Interestingly though, ever since that 'tell us dammit' asking what our most played games are, I've been playing Oblivion obsessively. I frigging love that game, it just never gets old... I should probably play some Demon's Souls however, and get onto GoW 3... Oh, and I just picked up Mirror's Edge at Game for $12 new =D

      StarCraft 2 is selling for $70 at JB Hi-Fi =3
      Also, my ATI Radeon 9600 128 MB can run it! You have no excuses!(At very low settings, of course)
      Blizzard wants to make sure as many people can play it as possible, of course.

        Are you kidding? My old computer is more powerful than that, haha... I might look into it now. I probably shouldn't have assumed that the minimum specs were going to be ridiculous... :s

        Thanks dude :)

    Just grabbed Just Cause 2 off Steam for $25 - looking forward to giving that a whirl.

      Terrible, terrible game. Perfect example of how NOT to develop an open world game.

    nothing but tetris on my phone... i have to ban myself from my PSP and PS3 because I need to study for the next 2 weeks :(

    I need a better pc for sc2 :P
    At the moment I'm playing Dragon Quest IX. Close to 100hrs!!! lol

    Not me. Im not into rts really. Id play it out of curiosity too however. Maybe some limbo or sonic and knuckles on xbla. Not much time for serious gaming sessions sadly. Business i work at changed hands and ive been doing a lot of long long shifts.

    I wish I could play DQ IX :(

    I'll be collecting more Green Stars in SMG 2.

    And I also have a craving to finish Punch-Out!! Wii again for some reason...

    Deus Ex and Psychonauts.

      Ive gotten sick of deus ex... dont shoot me david...

        You're safe. I always preferred the non-lethal takedown.

          Because it allows you to mete out your vengeance in a more controlled, prolonged fashion at a time of your choosing?

          I thought so, you sick, twisted man...

          Also, I've never played Deus Ex. Worth getting?

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