What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I played Limbo at E3. There was one demo unit setup on the Xbox stand as part of an XBLA showcase. I picked up the controller and was instantly absorbed in one of the most atmospheric games I've seen in some time.

Limbo is a side-scrolling adventure presented entirely in silhouette. It looks gorgeous.

But what I most enjoyed was how little it explained. There was no tutorial. There was no instruction as to how to move or jump or interact with the world. There were no clues as to what to do or hints when I got stuck. Limbo wanted me to explore, experiment and work everything out for myself.

About two minutes into my play time, I did get stuck. I'd crossed a lake via boat but couldn't see any way to progress on the far shore. There was a small cliff on the beach and I couldn't jump high enough to clamber over it. I spent another minute or so flailing around.

Knowing I was pressed for time, I turned to the developer who'd been watching me. He was already smiling when I told him I was stuck. He was already chuckling when I asked him what I needed to do. He wouldn't tell me.

I was surprised by the response. But I also immediately admired it. To tell me how to negotiate this section would defeat the whole point of the game. I can dig that.

A minute or so later, I'd worked it out. I'd negotiated that cliff and continued to explore.

I've just downloaded the full version of Limbo, which launches this coming Wednesday on XBLA, and I can't wait to get stuck all over again.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Well after finally finishing off RDR, it must be about time to get sunk into Super Mario Galaxy 2... and maybe to chill out a few games of Zombie Dice.

      aww man you've got zombie dice?!?! Lucky SOB...

      I've got a long unused full box of munchkin cards but it's impossible for me to find anyone to play with these days :(

      Anyway i'll most likely be playing either Mass Effect or War for Cybertron, and possibly some TF2 with some of the guys on here if i get a chance to

        Yeah, I bought them about a couple of weeks back now. I only found out about them after seeing the Penny Arcade video where they guys tried out the game and basically gave it their seal of approval... so I figured it might be worth a look. It's a mightily addictive game... took it to my sis' place one night and the next night she asked me to bring it back around so that she and her husband could play it.

        One tip though, if you're gonna buy it, get it from http://www.sjgames.com/dice/zombiedice/ it's cheaper than thinkgeek.com and they told me it would be around 4 weeks for delivery but it was only about a week and a half.

    Going through a backlog of PS3 games i should have played a while ago but never got around to it.
    Heavenly Sword
    Lego Star Wars (loving it)
    MGS4 (trying to finish it off)

    death spank already at level 20, marvel ultimate alliance 2, halo 2 on pc and far cry 2 again

      Is ultimate alliance good? I keep seeing it for $40 but i'm not too sure - although it has deadpool, which should be worth the price of admission alone...

        @ Chuloopa
        its good if you like beat em up rpgs and a big fan of marvel

    Just finished Bioshock 2 so might have to go back to RDR and Borderlands ... just one week away from a whole week of gaming and Starcraft 2 comes out that week ... WOOT!

    Was going to sit down and play Transformers War for Cybertron....but my 360 RROD'd last night.

    I am now reduced to playing wow.

    Oh well. I was looking at getting the new 360 slim. Problem is I wont be getting a new unit for at least another 6 months.

      Damn mate - sorry to hear :s

      is it beyond just having repaired?

        It's gone :)
        So yea. I have to get a new one. The thing is I am worried I will not be able to get my ME2 saves. So I am looking in to how to save your save game data etc.

        Ach well :) Could be worse.

    I just bought a PS3, and have the following games to play: MAG, White Knight Chronicles, Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes.

    After finishing my second play through of DMC, i'll probably just play a bit of MW2 with friends for the time being.

    Curse you David, another intriguing XBLA title you have place on my radar. You really should get paid to write up games ...

    I'll be continuing Deathspank (and hopefully enticing my wife with some couch co-op) as well as continuing some of my 'Pile of Shame'. At this stage it is between Fable 2, Heavy Rain and Alpha Protocol.

    Limbo sounds very interesting. Will it be on PSN? XBLA gets all the cool shit :'(

    I'm on call today, so it'll be either Red Dead or my favourite war-themed hat-sim until I get a call!

    DeathSpank and Peace Walker on PSP for me.

    SSFIV. Maybe try rig up one of my PC arcade sticks for the xbox (maybe not, lazy) so I can play 2 player sticks. MW2. BF:BC2
    Stil haven't finished Starcraft. <-- loser

    Friends coming over for Wii games tonight. Any suggestions?

    Batman AA, with minimal detective mode for David Hego! Love this game so much. Well except for the ending...

    Free RUSE multiplayer weekend for me! Probably the last time I'll be able to play the unique and awesome RTS, if Ubi are going to have their spaztastic DRM on the final product.

      tell me about it although at least theres some justification for it in this one i mean it has multiplayer :P

      bloody steams being shifty on me tho it downloaded it all before the weekend(on my peak downloads) and now when i finally got time to play it it wants to do it all over again and with 13ish hours left now im gonna loose most of that time anyway and have to download it on peak as well

    I'm going, way back, and I put Jade Empire in my 360 and playing the hell out of it.

      Such a great game. Now you've given me ideas...

    I'm going to devote my entire weekend to finishing off Donkey Kong Country 2.

    I'm fueling my current RPG habit by picking up the Baldur's Gate collection. I've never gotten very far in either game before, this time I'm determined to make it all the way through.

      You're in for one great adventure!

      I recently picked up both Baldurs Gate...then my Laptop refused to play either of them. The game still functions but won't recognise the CDs.

      So I'm falling back to my favourite RPG, Arcanum. I actually enjoyed it more than Baldur's Gate. Sacrilege I know, but Baldur's Gate just felt a little...lack lustre to me. Yeah it picks up but I never really got sold by it.

    Just Cause 2 and one from the pile. Splinter Cell: Conviction The Orange Box are the main choices to start next.

    demons souls!!

    Lost Planet 2, I finally bought it and so far it has proven every bad review wrong. A brilliant game on and offline!

    Started House of The Dead: Overkill and probably get Super Smash Bros Brawl when I'm sick of standing

    Just finished MGS4 tossing up between Silent Hill 2 or valkyria Chronicles.

    Singularity and Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

    Deathspank, Lego Harry Potter and Modnation Racers will be eating up my playing time this weekend.

    If anyone plays Modnation Racers, feel free to add me on PSN: buckE182

    killing floor, all the way

    Nothing. I've played a lot of RDR and SMG2 lately. But I've recently gone anime crazy. Watched Eureka 7 last week and currently watching Code Geass. Both are BRILLIANT.

      It was pretty lame how Lelouche died.

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